MIR GROUP, Established in 2008 in the city of Ankara.Our aim and goal to production efficient LED and Solar lighting goods.Manufacturing and Exporting  ınstallation, services , general trading in Turkish market and export to oversies countries.We are exporting to Asia, Africa , Middle east and some other countries.The primary target of our services is to satisfy the client's necessity of quality goods, for small and medium,as well as corporate to clients.We are trying to improve our services every single moment by introducing new systems and different solutions.We are striving to provide best solutions to our clients and provide highest standard of service at the most reasonable prices with qulity.

How does the LED Solar light works?
The way it works is very intelligent: During the day time the Solar panels collect the daylight to generate electricity,which is stored in maintenance free deep cycle GEL batteries.These batteries are stored in a waterproof housing and placed underground besides the pole. During sunset, when daylight slightly decreases, the internal SMART controller automatically switches the LED lamp on,but now powered form the electrical energy stored inside the batteries.At sunrise, as soon as the solar panels detect daylight, the SMART Controller automatically switches the LED lamp off and starts charging the batteries.The expected “Survival” or the “Rainy Days Calculations” (RDC) of the ''Mir Group'' solar street lights are typically 2 to 5 days,but can be adapted to customer’s requirements for any location on the world map.

Production of the SOLAR and LED Lighting Luminaires & Supplying of the Lighting Components 
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