Power W   39W / 59W / 103W.. 
Body  RAL Code 7040,Electrostatic powder coated, Aluminium injection bod y and frame. Catenery pendant system, minimizing swing. Independent Access to electrical compartment. Cooling fins providing effective heat dissipation. Stainless steel connection elements. Fixed and seamless silicone gasket suitable for temperature changes and environmental conditions.
Lens  Symmetric, Aluminium, UV protection,
Color Temperature K 6500 K
LED  European origin Power LED with lifetime over 50.000 hours.
Luminous Flux (lm)  39W. Luminous 3978 (lm)
59W. Luminous 5911 (lm)
103W. Luminous 10328 (lm)
Optical Cover / Diffuser  Tempered glass,
Driver European origin high eficiency driver
Input Voltage (V)  Input Voltage (V): 220-240  50-60Hz.
Colour Ren. In. (CRI)  Colour Ren. In. (CRI): >70
Power Factor  Power Factor: >0.95
Options  Different RAL code electrostatic powder coating. DALI and 1-10V dim application. LED application according to desired correlated colour temperature (CCT).
IP Protection   IP65
Dimensions (mm) a b c d 39W / 59W  Dim. 424x310x115x310mm
103W  Dim. 558x440x92x440mm
Electrical Specifications Constant current, high efficiency LED driver. Efficient power factor correction immune to fluctions in grid voltage and providing constant light output. PCB with high thermal conductivity.