* Aluminyum Lighting Poles

* Hot Dip Galvanised Lighting Poles

Aluminium Lighting Poles;
We manufacture in different sizes and types according to the application area and customer demands.Aluminum lighting poles, protection ladder and step ladder; We manufacture lighting poles for large areas such as highways,roads, streets, parks, picnic areas, open areas, squares, parking lots, ports and airports according to customer demands,

Hot Dip Galvanised Lighting Poles
Production CE Approved In addition to standard lighting poles by Mir Group, projector maintenance can be done more easily and efficiently with elevator poles,  special design poles, as well as its single piece pole production up to 12 meters and partial pole production up to 110 meters. Efficient lighting systems can be designed, supplied and assembled for the needs of stadiums and other small sized spaces. Specially designed lighting poles with two body options,conic and polygon,
Polygonal Poles are:
Highway, Road and Street Lighting Poles; The poles used to illuminate areas especially such as intercity highways, urban roads and streets, intersections, parks, factories, workshops and offices can be produced at various heights.
Galvanised Floodlight Poles;
Floodlight poles which can be produced with elevators, protective ladders and portable ladders are the most commonly used pole types in wide areas such as parks, picnic areas, open spaces, squares, parking lots, ports and airport lighting.
Stadium Poles;
Stadium poles produced with protection ladders unless otherwise requested, are used in places such as stadiums and social sports facilities.
Special Galvanised Poles;
Can be specially designed lighting poles with three body options as polygonal, circular type and pipe type in one, two, three or four consoles in different sizes and scales according to usage area.
Camera, totem/advertisement and flag poles in different sizes are produced according to the demands of the customers.The wind swinging and static calculations are done for all types of poles.